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From city cycling to long touring, our bicycles can cover them all! Why don’t you get on our bicycle and go cycling around the hotel and to rice fields and forest roads to refresh yourself?

Zipline Adventure

Explore a skiing ground with your family in the midst of summer! “Zipline Adventure” is available at Spring Valley Izumi Kogen Skiing Ground. Visitors slide down the wired ropes with a pulley. There are a variety of different courses where visitors can feel like a flying squirrel flying from wood to wood, a swallow flying close to the ground, and even enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean. This attraction is perfect for people of all age!

Yoga lesson that awakens your body and soul

Our yoga lesson is held throughout the year; at our garden filled with fresh greens from April until October and inside our hotel while enjoying the changing seasonal scenery outside the window from November until March. Relax, exhale, and inhale. Try different poses slowly to refresh your body and soul. This program is highly recommended for all people regardless of their past experience.

Starry Night sky watching “Soranetarium” with Certified Guide

Why don’ t you enjoy watching the starry sky that changes its appearance in each season at our hotel garden? Our hotel staff, who is a certified astronomy associate guide, will give you an explanation on the seasonal stars and constellations.


Why don’t you enjoy eating fresh and sweet strawberries at a strawberry farm that takes only 25 minutes by car from the hotel? Hotel guests can bring home the strawberries they picked!


“Tomiya Blueberry”, a brand of blueberries certified as a “non-chemical agricultural product grown with reduced chemical fertilizers” by Miyagi Prefecture. Tomiya Blueberry is also actively used as an ingredient for “Tomiya Sweets”.