Privacy Policy

Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. (“the Hotel”), and Royal Park Hotels Group, including Tohoku Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Yokohama Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Royal Park Hotel Management Co. Ltd. (“the Group”), treat any information that could identify an individual (“personal information”) with the utmost concern for personal privacy and have laid out the following guidelines for use of any such information. The below is to be considered the basic policy applied by Management to such information.

Basic Rules for the Use of Personal Data

  • Collection of Personal Data

Personal data is collected only to the extent necessary to conduct Hotel business, and is only obtained by the following means:

o From the customer directly via telephone, verbally, in writing (including electronic mediums), business cards, online registration (such as those found on the Hotel or Group websites);

o From authorized third parties, such as registrants accompanying the customer, referrals, travel trade professionals, or other third-party partners recognized by the customer; or

o From publicly available published sources, such as newspapers, the Internet, phone books, books or other publications.

  • Intended Use of Personal data

Personal data is used for the following purposes:

o In order to arrange accommodation, dining, banquet space or other hotel facilities or services;

o In order to provide information about facilities or services;

o In order to conduct questionnaires or surveys to improve customer service;

o In order to provide information or services related to membership programs; or

o In order to respond to other issues that are incidental or related to the Hotel’s business,facilitate the reporting of incidents, or related matters, with other companies or infor any other purpose that has been clearly defined at the time of gathering the informationorder to facilitate sharing of information with customers in cases where such sharing is clearly defined.

  • Sharing Personal Data

To maintain the highest levels of service possible, the Hotel may share personal information, under the strictest of controls and with appropriate security measures in place, in the following circumstances:

oRecipient of personal information: Royal Park Hotels Group Management and Hotel Operations Management (as of 1 October, 2015, this includes Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd., Tohoku Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Yokohama Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Royal Park Hotel Management Co. Ltd.);

o Purpose of sharing personal information: As above (Intended Use of Personal Information);

o Personal information that may be shared: Customer name, membership registration number, phone or fax numbers, nationality, passport number, address, E-mail address, age, gender, date of birth, anniversary, employment information, requests made, history of hotel usage; and

o Administrator of shared use of Ppersonal datainformation: will be Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.

• Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Hotel will not provide or disclose any personal information to third parties, with the following exceptions:

  1. When the customer has granted permission;

  2. When the Hotel is required by law;

3. When the physical or financial welfare of the customer, or other specific rights are in jeopardy, and the Hotel is compelled to supply information in order   to protect the customer even if it is impossible to seek prior approval; or

4. In situations where Japanese public sector organizations carrying out business stipulated by law and requires private-sector companies (the Group) to supply personal data, and it is not feasible to contact the customer in advance to gain approval.

• Contact

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